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We have been partnering with select destinations and brands to help promote new destinations for family travel, as well as products that can help our audience travel in greater comfort.

Keep in mind that our audience is Israeli, therefore all of the posts are in Hebrew. However, you can use the built-in Google Chrome translation ability to read through the posts and get an idea of how we write.

We are very proud to report that all of these posts not only reached the front page of Google within the first week of posting, but are between the first and fifth search results, showing that our posts place very highly in search engines immediately.

Debrecen is a very new destination for Israeli families – and Israelis in general. Flights to Debrecen are generally inexpensive, the only direct flight being low-cost. Specifically for my audience, the hotel we visited is extremely suited for families and the indoor waterpark is a huge selling point. We have already received countless comments from people who have booked vacations to Debrecen and quite a few who have already returned, and, in fact, this is the second most read post on our blog, even though it is fairly new. You can read our full post about Debrecen here and here you can see an example of a group member who traveled following our post. This post appears as the first result on Google.

 While Warsaw, in itself, is a very popular destination for Israelis, it is usually a weekend destination for couples and has not been traditionally seen as an ideal destination for families. We were invited by the local tourism board to experience the city through the eyes of our children. The tourism board joined us on a few of our adventures and actually created a short video clip documenting our family’s trip, which has amassed over 250,000 views. We personally love this video and it’s such a great memory of a really wonderful trip. You can read about our visit here and here you can read a post by a group member who flew to Warsaw following our post. This post appears as the first result on Google.

Malta is one of the destinations that Israelis are beginning to discover. It is a wonderful combination of gorgeous beaches and endless history and nature. My family really enjoyed what Malta had to offer, even though very little of what we planned was kid-specific. As luck should have it, we were visiting during the hurricane that was hitting Crete so we got the tail-end of the winds and gloomy skies and weren’t even able to go to the beach. On the upside, we spent an entire week exploring the island without even seeing everything we planned, proving just how much there is to do on these beautiful islands. You can read our summary here. Having seen the amazing video that the Warsaw tourism board created, this time we created a short version of our trip to Malta as well. This post appears as the first result on Google.

Over the past few years, many low-cost carriers, such as Ryanair and Wizzair, have opened up new destinations for Israeli travellers to explore. Kaunas is a brand new line and we had the privilege of being among the first to fly to Kaunas. Lithuania has been on our bucket list for quite a while, so we extended our trip and added Vilnius as well, giving us a full one-week vacation. We visited in December, during the holiday celebrations, and had an incredible trip. Within 3 days of publication, this post reach the first page for all related search terms for Lithuania, Kaunas and Vilnius with kids. Since we traveled in the winter, several attractions were not open for us to explore, but as usual, we always end a post with a list of attractions that we did not have a chance to explore, so parents are able to plan their trip to suit their own children’s needs. Here you can read our post about Lithuania with kids. This post appears as the second result on Google for Kaunas, first for Lithuania and fourth for Vilnius. The post was on the front page of Google results within three days of posting.

Tierra Marina Tours organizes private trips for families and groups for up to 7 people. We were invited to experience their tours of Los Angeles, San Diego and Loreto, Mexico and introduce it to Israeli families. Most of our community members plan their own trips, however this trip is 100% flexible and is tailored to each family specifically, which is definitely a great fit for our group and website.

Israeli families have a great love for beach and resort vacations. Almyra Hotel is located in Paphos, Cyprus, one of our community’s top destinations. The hotel, which has recently been renovated, has countless facilities for children, including several pools, kids’ clubs, movie nights, special food, and more. We were invited to Almyra to introduce Israel families to a luxury hotel that’s suitable for families.

We were invited on a press trip to Styria, Austria, an area in Austria less frequented by Israeli tourists. Austria, as a country, is one of the most popular destinations for Israeli families because of the family-friendly facilities, gorgeous nature, and easy-to-navigate roads. Following this post, many people added parts of Styria to their existing plans for Austria, usually people who were planning on the Salzburg area.

Haifa is the third-largest city in Israel, yet most Israelis only come to the city for day trips, at most. Haifa wanted to rebrand itself as a destination for longer trips, including overnight stays. Haifa launched a special tourism campaign where families received free entry into one of a wide range of attractions to choose from. Since this was the summer of 2020, some of the more famous attractions were closed due to Covid restrictions. The post itself is updated from time to time as attractions reopen.

Jerusalem’s tourism has been traditionally been mostly foreign tourists. When Covid hit, the Jerusalem municipality saw this as an opportunity to promote local tourism to the nation’s capital. Many in Israel see Jerusalem as the religious city that it is, but it has so much to offer families. In the summer of 2020, Jerusalem, too, offered various promotions to promote local tourism and invited us on a blogger trip to see what the city has to offer.

The Golan Heights are gorgeous and a bit less traveled since they are quite far for most Israelis. Therefore, most families will spend a few days in the area. We were invited to both locations we slept at and most of the attractions we visited. Both of the places we slept got a big increase in bookings following our posts. The post appears as number 2 on Google for “Golan Heights with Kids.”

Ortal is a Kibbutz in the Golan Heights with gorgeous, family-friendly zimmers and rooms for those looking for more cost-effective accommodations. In the winter, the kibbutz is full of snow, making it a great location for families to explore.

The Maayan Holiday Village is located on a Kibbutz in the Northern Galilee. They offer family rooms and camping grounds that are perfect for families. 

Nazareth has traditionally relied on international tourism. Therefore, the city, and its many hotels, suffered a huge blow during Covid. Not a city to let circumstance define its fate, the hotels of Nazareth started working with local influencers to promote Christmas in Nazareth to Israelis, which is a move that will increase local tourism to Nazareth well after Covid ends.

The Manara Lodge is located in the Upper Galillee region and offers very affordable, family-friendly accommodations. The Hermon mountain, the only place in Israel that has snow each year, opened new attractions for families. One of our other community managers reviewed Manara Lodge and the Hermon attractions to promote them to families that haven’t yet known them. Manara Lodge has been recently renovated and had different family-friendly attractions, so this was very much an awareness review.

Aqaba has been recently growing in popularity among Israeli travelers due to its proximity, lack of flights and low prices. Al Manara, one of the top hotels in Aqaba, worked with us to specifically increase family tourism from Israel to their luxury hotel.

Located in the Lower Golan Heights in Israel, Hamat Gader has natural hot springs and tons of family attractions. They invited us to review the new glamping facilities. Since it’s extremely hot in Israel during the summer months, and even more so at Hamat Gader, this fairly-new form of accommodations is quickly growing in popularity. Our video on TikTok passed 50,000 views within a few days of posting as well. 

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